Strenght points

1. Choice of grains

Choice of grains

Almost 200 years of flour making implies a great sense of connection to the land and, above all, in-depth knowledge of the raw material.  The Dallagiovanna family is aware of this and in two centuries of history has always striven to produce high quality grain, first seeking it from local producers and, for more than fifty years, worldwide.

The Milan Cereals Exchange is a great opportunity for viewing the best Italian and foreign samples and that is why Pierluigi meets producers and wholesalers every week.

The ability to recognise species, origin, level of maturity and quality of a handful of grain derives from years of experience that cannot be summed up in a few words. It is not a complicated process: Pierluigi’s hand mixes the grain, while his eye sees all the imperfections in an instant. If in any doubt, he just has to split the grain to assess the quality of the kernel.

2. The laboratory

The laboratory

Wheat, like every other fruit, varies greatly from one season to another, not just in terms of species, but also due to microclimate, weather conditions and the time when it is harvested. The task of a quality miller is not just to produce very high quality flour, but also to obtain, every year, a product that is perfectly adapted for its particular use.

This is the essential task of Molino Dallagiovanna's sophisticated laboratory: the technicians, with the aid of technologically advanced machines, calculate the specific characteristics of the various grains and mix them carefully so that they perform consistently.

The technician's job does not end here. Indeed, under the expert eye of the master pastry cooks and bakers, they are always trying to improve the company’s products, creating perfect flour and superb recipes.

3. Cleaning and washing of the cereals

Cleaning and washing of the cereals

The practice of washing is (or better was) used mainly to clean the wheat and to eliminate impurities hidden among it; a very important process, now forgotten by nearly all the big companies that have preferred, for financial reasons, dry cleaning followed by conveyor conditioning.

The Molino Dallagiovanna, like a number of other small high-quality artisan producers, considers cleaning one of the key requirements for creating a superior flour, even if this presupposes a greater commitment on all fronts. The stratagem of wetting the grain before grinding it, is very different from washing, because it is a necessary stage that serves to soften the kernel and facilitate its milling.

4. The masters of taste

I maestri del gusto

Molino Dallagiovanna has been collaborating for years with the most important Maestros of the Art of Flour from the best Italian Schools of Cuisine, testing and creating the perfect flour blends for professionals: CAST AlimentiAmpi and with the greatest Chefs from around the world.