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All of the Mill's news, complete with events, bread-making advise and "what they say about us" section are now available as rss feeds as well, so that you can be updated even if you don’t visit our site on an everyday basis. In order to subscribe please click on the icon below:


If you haven’t a clue how to work rss feeds keep reading...

Rss feeds (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to get information from frequently updated sites. An RSS document is called a feed and contains the summary of the site which it publishes.

Through it the reader can be updated and browse its new contents without having to personally check if the site in question has been updated or otherwise.

In order to read a feed, a program reader has to be able to pick-up, interpret and organise feeds to which you have subscribed. A program of this type need not be installed on your computer, there are some in existence online like Google Reader or BlogLines. In any case even most recent browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox, often incorporate a feed reader.